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Glossary of Homeopathic terms.


Dynamization #
reducing the volume and increasing the effectiveness of a medicinal substance by repeated dilution with succussion.
Law of Similars #
the principle that "like cures like", upon which Homeopathic treatment is based.
Materia Medica #
a compendium of substance (remedy) proving records.
Minimum Dose #
the smallest amount of a simillimum that will result in the most efficient healing with least aggravation.
Proving #
the procedure for ascertaining the effects of substances by administering them to healthy human subjects, then observing and recording the consequent mental, emotional, and physical changes.
Remedy #
a Homeopathic medicine.
Repertory #
an index of symptoms found in Materia Medicas.
Simillimum #
that substance which, during proving, generates a set of symptoms similar to a sick individual's totality of symptoms.
Succussion #
violent shaking with impact applied during dynamization of remedies.
Totality of Symptoms #
the complete set of mental, emotional, and physical manifestations of an individual's illness.

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