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1.5. Browse the Repertory

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Find symptoms by browsing the Repertory

    Another way to find symptoms is to browse the Repertory. AtamA uses the same organizational scheme as Kent's Repertory.

    Use the Repertory window to browse for symptoms: 

  1. Select the Repertory tab.
  2. Select a chapter title in the left pane and rubrics in the chapter are shown in the center pane. To follow the tutorial, click the "Vision" chapter title.
  3. Browse for symptoms in a chapter by scrolling through the symptom tree view and clicking plus/minus boxes next to rubrics to show/hide the "children" of a rubric (sub-rubrics).
  4. Add a symptom to Analysis by right-clicking a rubric in the center pane and choosing "Add" from the pop-up menu. Add the "blurred" symptom.
  5. Add another symptom to Analysis. Add the "Chill: motion: amel." symptom to the Tutorial analysis by selecting the "Chill" chapter, showing the children of the "motion" rubric, and adding the "amel." child symptom. 


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