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1.3. Record Case Notes

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Record notes about the person being analyzed

    After you have created a new analysis item, you will typically record notes about the person being analyzed. These case notes may include your observations about the person's appearance, descriptions of symptoms in the patient's own words, answers to your narrowing questions, etc.

    Future versions of AtamA will provide detailed guidance to assist you in the process of gathering case information for analysis. If you need help with case taking, see the Anahata Software website for a list of recommended books. 

    Add Notes:

  1. Select the Analysis tab.
  2. Select the Analysis item you want by clicking the appropriate date under the name in the tree view.
  3. Enable editing of the analysis if it is currently locked by selecting "Edit" from the "File" menu or toolbar. You will see a hand icon on the analysis item if it is editable.
  4. Type the note text in the text box. 


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