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1.10. Confirm the Simillimum

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Confirm that a remedy is the simillimum

    As you add symptoms to an analysis, you'll reduce the number of possible remedies that correspond to the total set of symptoms. When there are only a few remedies at the top of the list with the highest weight, begin to read the text of the Materia Medica for each remedy and look for additional symptoms and discussion there that indicates the best match.

    The remedy that most closely corresponds to the set of symptoms for a particular case is called the simillimum. The goal of your analysis effort is to find the simillimum.

    Use the Medica window to confirm that a remedy is the simillimum: 

  1. Select the Medica tab.
  2. Select a remedy by choosing its name from the drop-down list. Select "Belladonna".
  3. Verify that a remedy ranks highly for the most important symptoms. Select "Analysis" in the left pane and view rubrics associated with the remedy in the center pane.
  4. Confirm that a remedy is the simillimum by looking for corroborating symptoms in the Materia Medica text. Increase the size of the text pane by dragging the horizontal divider toward the top of the Medica window.
  5. Follow references in the Medica text by clicking an underlined link. 


Confirm the Simillimum


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